Golf News for February 11, 2017

The Girl... and The Polly
The Girl… and The Polly

Lawmakers Hold Hearing on LePage’s Budget – “I strenuously object to this as something rich tourists do here in Maine in the summertime. The vast majority of our rounds, 70 percent, are paid by Mainers,” says Peter Webber, executive director of the Maine Golf Association.

Golf Capsules via USA Today – Jordan Spieth knew the pin position on the ninth hole at Spyglass Hill as much by memory as by sight, which was a good thing considering the fog creeping across the Monterey Peninsula on Friday.

Expect President Trump to Use Golf as a Political ToolAs all those who play golf know, whether playing with friends, business partners, or political foes and allies, the golf course is a far better environment in which to hash out differences, uncover similarities, and make the world a better place, in general. Love him or hate him, we all should agree that Trump knows golf.

Studies Show Golf can Extend Your LifeIf we play all the time, will we live forever?

This Lost Art Will Save You Strokes – If you’re struggling with that, say any two-word phrase with the first word coming on the backswing and the second word on the follow-through. We use “The Girl… and The Polly…”, inspired by the above painting by Berthe Morisot.

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