Golf News for March 6, 2017

Curtains remain hanging inside, however, vandals have degraded the property, breaking windows and tagging the walls with graffiti.

These eerie photos of deserted golf courses reveal a new normal in America — Business Insider recently explored two closed golf courses in northern New Jersey, both of which are being turned into housing developments, to see firsthand what courses across the country look like as they become abandoned.

Ken Bowden, Influential Golf Writer and Noted Jack Nicklaus Collaborator, Dies at 86 — The highlight of Bowden’s career was collaborating on 12 books with Nicklaus, including “Golf My Way”, which has sold more than 2.5 million copies since 1974, and, in 1997, the Golden Bear’s second autobiography, “Jack Nicklaus: My Story”.

Old Game, New Rules. What Impact? — The words “change” and “golf” are not joined at the hip. But last year’s U.S. Open provided a clear illustration on how the sport functions, and doesn’t function, through its rules-making apparatus.

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