Golf News for April 3, 2017

Meet the newest staff members of your local driving range

Where have all the golf writers gone? — “Jordan Spieth wins the Masters, and the Dallas Morning News isn’t there? Are you kidding me? It has been pretty much across the board ever since the 2008 market crash and other economic and market factors severely impacted media companies. Most newspapers, beset with reduced resources and staff, no longer cover majors and many don’t even have a reporter assigned to golf.”

Golf Course Mechanic, Sugarloaf Golf Club — This full-time, year-round position is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all golf course equipment, detailed record-keeping and a preventative maintenance program.

Ranking the Top 20 Golf Courses in the World — “The modern game of golf has been played since the 15th-century in Scotland. And from the humble, rolling sheep-grazing spaces of the early courses of the British Isles, through the grand venues of the Open rota and similar, to the wide-ranging masterpieces in the U.S., there is no shortage of brilliant golf courses to choose from. To that end, feel free to disagree or debate. Any and all discussion ultimately betters the game we all love and serves to enhance future venues.”

Why choose robots for driving range outfield maintenance — Truebot robots are an alternative to traditional driving range maintenance equipment and can offer facility overall cost savings of between 30-50%. There energy cost is a third of what thermal machines would cost, and can provide significant savings on human resources. Another beneficial feature is how quiet the robot are which is a huge advantage in a golf-playing environment.

Rules Question of the Week If a player’s ball lies in a water hazard, which object in the hazard may he touch with his club during the backswing for the stroke?

A) A branch of a bush growing in the hazard.
B) A small insect moving along the ground near his ball.
C) A small mound of sand directly behind his ball.


The non-golf fanatic’s complete guide to the 2017 Masters — This article isn’t for the serious golf fan. That group already knows everything inside of this. This is to help out the sports fan wanting a quick crash course on what has happened since the last time they checked in on the sport, at last year’s Ryder Cup.

And now for something completely different…

Our only question is, what type of shoe do you wear, golf or bowling?

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