Golf News for April 14, 2017

Golfers are crazy, and now there is a straight jacket for us.

11 golf Instagram accounts you aren’t following (but should be) — We’re not in the modern habit of looking to Instagram for inspiration, but the times, they are a’changin’! Guess we’ll be getting an account soon…

This week’s PGA Tour course has a surprisingly simple solution to golf’s distance problem — Harbour Town Golf Links, the site of this week’s RBC Heritage, employs none of these strategies. At 7,101 yards, it’s one of the shortest courses on tour, yet it stays relevant in golf’s distance-heavy world by employing a very simple technique… It puts a bunch of trees in the way!

Hickory golf making a strong comeback — We haven’t written about Hickory Golf on these pages yet, but, having just ordered a set of hickory clubs, we’ll be keeping our readers informed about this throwback to the days of golf’s founding. “As an avid golfer I have collected hickory shafted clubs over the years but never actually played them; however, when I want to do a little practice, rather than hitting a bucket of balls on the range, I go out on the course alone and hit a couple of balls around the 9- or 18-hole layout depending on my time. In late March I happened to follow a couple gentlemen dressed nattily, and I realized they were using only hickory shafted clubs and the old-style gutta balls.”

Kevin Na shows you what it’s like to play each shot where it lies, and then smile about it!

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