Golf News for April 17, 2017

New rules require someone to watch very closely as you drop your ball (just kidding!)

Operator of Sunday River Golf Club will refund memberships bought before property dispute — Bath-based Harris Golf Inc., the developer of Sunday River Golf Club in Newry, said it will provide refunds to the roughly 30 golfers who purchased memberships before a property dispute raised questions about the award-winning golf venue’s ownership.

As golf world looks forward to simplified rules, a look at some of the 30 proposed changes — Golf rules are complicated for somewhat the same reason the U.S. tax code is complicated. People tend to look for ways to gain an advantage. In fact, the USGA annually puts out a separate book titled “Decisions on the Rules of Golf” that explains difficult situations. It’s generally 500 pages long, because, you know, stuff happens.

We wonder if local rules apply if one’s ball come to rest in the pouch of a kanga?

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