Golf News for April 26, 2017

Fly the Hostile Skies of United

Clubhouse Attendant at the South Portland Municipal Golf Course — Temporary for the Golf Season (14-20 hours/week). Part Time, Flexible and Various. Early mornings, days, evenings and weekends. $10/hr – includes 2017 course membership. Application Deadline – May 5th

PGA Junior League Golf registration opens —PGA Junior League Golf is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls ages 13 and under to learn and enjoy the game of golf.”

Immediate Rules Change Limits Video Review — “Yesterday, with what only can be called lightning speed, the USGA and R&A changed the Rules of Golf by enacting a decision intended to limit the use of video review and, the game’s governing bodies hope, stem the tide of rulings prompted by viewers calling in infractions.” We give a hearty golf clap! But we want stronger language that completely excludes ANY viewer participation on rulings.

Why Do Golf Courses Aerate So Much? —Aeration holes filled with sand topdressing will allow excess water from the soil to evaporate, promote root development and improve drainage.” And, we like to limit our putts to two when the greens are freshly punched!

New USGA and R&A Video Rules Missed the Elephant in the Room — “What’s completely missing from the new rules is the way that rules infractions are discovered, reported, and the timing in which these notifications happen.”

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