The Golf of Maine News for May 25, 2017

Our clubs did this a few times during yesterday’s round…

The results in this week’s Golf of Maine poll, regarding the practice of leaving rakes in, or out of bunkers, stands at 66% IN to 33% OUT, which is fine with us! We’ve always felt that once in a hazard, encountering a rake is part of the hazard. But leaving the rake outside the hazard creates a sort of secondary hazard that lies in wait outside the bunker. Vote now before we change the poll question, and leave your remarks in the Comment Bar below!

Goings-On at Point Sebago — DEMO Day this Saturday with the new Callaway, Titleist, Cleveland and Srixon on the range from 10 AM to 3 PM; Memorial Day Scramble, Monday May 29, 8 AM; Member/Member, June 3 and 4; Point Sebago Match Play Championship Begins June 10. Sign up by June 4.  Call the Pro Shop for more details, (207) 655-2747.

Did I Play to My Handicap? — The system is built around the concept of Course Rating, which impacts us all even though its definition ties to a “scratch” golfer. When you are given handicap strokes, you receive the number of strokes necessary to play to the level of a scratch golfer. If the scratch golfer is supposed to shoot the Course Rating, then those handicap strokes relate to the Course rating as well.

10 Things Golfers Really Hate — Even the most ardent golf fan will have a long list of things that annoy them about the game, here are 10 examples you might just be able to relate to.

New Release: Tom Doak’s Little Red Book of Golf Course Architecture — Anyone who has followed Doak knows that he is not shy about offering opinions on course architecture, which is what makes this new collection so enjoyable and educational.

Golf: A team sport in which the player is all alone — More than a game, golf is a way of living life. “For instance, golf is self-officiated,” he said. “The kids are on the course in a foursome. A rule will come up, and they have to call it themselves. They have to call rules on themselves. It’s an honor code.”

USPS To Release Golf Ball Stamp — Recognizing the traditional, old-school values that permeate the golfing universe, the USPS gambles that golfers still write letters, too.

 We Always Wish We Had Spent More Time on the Putting Green. How Much Time Do You Put into Practicing Putting?

2 thoughts on “The Golf of Maine News for May 25, 2017

    1. That is true, Joe! Our club has just purchased a bunkerload of new rakes, and yesterday’s round found some bunkers with rakes in, out and all around… Now, if the shipment of new sand arrives, perhaps it won’t be so grueling landing in there in the first place!
      Thanks for commenting!


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