The Golf of Maine News for May 11, 2017

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The First Tee Links of Maine kicks off new season at RGC — The cost of the program for students is only $60 for the six-week program. Scholarships are available. For more information, to register a child, or volunteer, call Rockland Golf Club at 594-9322 or Jim Povec at 704-280-7595.

Sugarloaf Golf Club named Maine’s best by Golfweek — The ranking marks the first time in more than a decade that Sugarloaf has landed atop the Golfweek rankings. Belgrade Lakes, Sunday River, Kebo Valley, and Ledges rounded out the top five in this year’s rankings.

Making a Difference: Gary’s House gets ready for Celebrity Golf Tourney — On Tuesday, June 20th, you’ll park at the driving range at 8:30AM and ride the trolley to the course where the day begins with a chef’s breakfast, celebrity meet and greet, and Trish Koch’s famous Bloody Mary Bar. Tee time is 10AM.

Card for One Round of Golf at Houlton Community Golf Club — Valid for one round of 18-hole golf without cart; cart rental required to redeem card. $11. Valid Mon-Sun; call ahead for tee time, 207-532-2662.

Golf broadcaster hits back at ‘vulgar’ online critic with impassioned defense of new tournament — We think Golf Sixes should be filed under “We have to kill the patient in order to save the patient.” Your thoughts?

Adidas gets out of golf equipment, selling businesses for $425 million — Busy week… Sign Rory, sell the clubs.

Why Golf is My Safe Haven — “MainLine Today” Editor Jim Finnegan waxes philosophically on how he escapes everyday stresses by heading for the green.

Golf News for April 25, 2017

Former Greely golfer Sarah Hansen now Centennial Conference Player of the Year and All-Centennial Conference First Team

Maine Mid Coast Amateur Championship Set for Bath and Boothbay Harbor June 3-4 — Includes Stay & Play rates at local hotels.

Reese McFarlane, Cape Elizabeth, and Sarah Hansen, Greely, Two Former Maine H.S. Golfers Make Marks in College Play — Former MSGA competitors are tearing it up at their respective colleges!

Tater Recall: This is how golf balls could’ve ended up in those recalled hash browns — Yesterday, we linked to this story, and here is how it happened, apparently. Aren’t there driving ranges next to potato fields in Northern Maine?

Tomorrow is National Golf Day — Too early for Maine? No TopGolf facilities here… Let’s all take a moment of silence to observe our playing partner’s backswing.

TODAY: R&A and USGA set for announcement on Lexi Thompson incident — We will be watching, and will phone or text in any grammatical errors we see.

How it works: Zurich Classic team format — The new 72-hole stroke play format: Players from the PGA TOUR Priority Rankings who commit to the tournament will choose his partner. Foursomes (alternate shot) during the first and third rounds and Four-Ball (best ball) during the second and fourth rounds. We like Beef and Reifers…

A Journey Through Time – The Rules of Golf An on-line museum of the history of the Rules of Golf, beginning with the Thirteen Articles of 1744, up through and including 2019.

Bill Murray and His Brothers Venture Into Golf Wear — We linked to Murray’s announcement back in February. NYT’s catches up.

R-Motion simulator fits in your hand, lets you play 100s of virtual courses — The March up the Fairway for Science.

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Golf News for April 24, 2017

Golf News for April 23, 2017

Grateful golfers, perhaps. Here’s one Grateful Caddie [Getty Images – click for story]

Gorham Country Club Set to Open — Gorham Country Club will open their front nine for the 2017 season on Wednesday, April 26th. The driving range is open, irons only, from 9-5 with the last bucket out at 4:30.

How Gratitude Can Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level — We’ve always been a Grateful Golfer, the game being more of a spiritual quest than anything else.

The NGF’s annual golf participation report uncovers favorable trends for the game’s future — The Tiger Era is clearly over. A deeper, broader view of the reported numbers actually says the game might be experiencing a renewed vigor, including some record-breaking indicators.

Golf News for April 19, 2017

Golfing at Campobello – It’s so remote that no recent photos have been taken

Why Josh Duhamel won’t play golf with Mark Wahlberg — Let’s all play golf like Mark Wahlberg! “Before we started the movie this time around, I was all excited to play golf with Mark, get some rounds in, but he is up way too early,” Duhamel said in a recent interview with Men’s Journal. “And he plays ‘power rounds’ of golf, which means he is running from one shot to the next. That is what he does for cardio. Then on top of that, he works a full day. The dude is a beast.”

Global Golf Post — A worthy golf publication. If you haven’t seen it, check them out!

Opinion: Death watch: How much longer can golf survive? — We’ve come across too many articles like this lately, and most originating from Oregon-based writers, it seems. What is it with Oregon and golf? Most of it seems to be a hostility toward the Rules of Golf, which are likely misunderstood. Anyway, golf IS hard, and people who pen nasty opinions toward it, like Mr. Notte, might be less miserable if they just took up snooker… oh wait, too many rules in snooker. Think us harsh? An excerpt: “There is no second coming of Tiger Woods. There is no burgeoning generation of children longing to play a four-hour game filled with nitpicky, self-policing rules. There is no city in the U.S. willing to trade density and tax ratables for divots and rough. If golf has little to offer this country but televised shots of manicured greens and galleries and living rooms of cranky, aging diehards, then it should prepare to take a seat beside horse racing among U.S. sports antiques.”

Golf has the worst rule in all of sports, but it’s not the one you’re thinking of — The rules debate continues. Not to sound too curmudgeonly, but we think this aggressive assault on the Rules of Golf seems consistent with other cultural declines of civility dominating the headlines of late. Let golf serve as a bulwark against… nah, nevermind all that noise, let’s just go play some golf! The author makes our point: “Signing your scorecard is considered one of those virtuous tenets of golf, a sport obsessed with its own sense of honor and fair play. It’s also a task that’s been made completely obsolete at the professional level, when every shot is tallied in real-time with distance and proximity to the green along with, at some tournaments, velocity, launch angle and whatever other stats that can be accrued from a dude holding a laser. Why is golf still relying on a playing partner’s penciled-in numbers? That’s not the way the score is kept during the round, so why is it gospel after it? This isn’t 1950.”

Phones are changing everything, including golf on the course — We’ve seen this at our local driving range… “Go to any PGA Tour stop driving range, and you’re sure to see caddies, golfers and instructors huddled around an iPhone breaking down the mechanics of a player’s swing. I’ve even seen caddies on their bellies shooting a player’s putting stroke for evaluation later on.”

Golf museum director to discuss how presidents played the game — The first president to play was William Howard Taft. Only three presidents since Taft (Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter) didn’t play golf at all. Woodrow Wilson logged more than 1,000 rounds while in office. He rarely broke 100. Calvin Coolidge usually required double-digit shots on each hole. Before Franklin D. Roosevelt contracted polio, he was club champion at Campobello Island Golf Club. That’s nearly in Maine!

Trying to Learn How to Play Golf? Read These Tips First — A collection of useful tips from pros around the nation’s capitol. “Zen Golf. The Secret of Golf. The Golfer’s Mind. The Science of the Perfect Swing. Those are just a few of the many books about the sport. Perhaps A.A. Milne, author of Winnie-the-Pooh, summed it up best: “Golf is so popular simply because it is the best game in the world at which to be bad.”

And, if you ARE learning to play, DON’T be this guy!

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Golf News for April 10, 2017

When you don’t qualify for The Masters, you get the Natty Throne

Assistant Golf Professional — Sugarloaf Golf Club is seeking an Assistant Golf Professional.

Golf Scramble to Support LifeFlight of Maine — Maine is the second most rural state by population density in the United States. LifeFlight of Maine helicopters, flying at 165 miles per hour, bring lifesaving equipment and critical care nurses and paramedics to emergency scenes and small, rural hospitals throughout the state. Join the fundraising Golf Scramble June 26th at Martindale Country Club.

Embattled Harris Golf involved in a 2nd golf course-related dispute — Because of Coulombe’s promise, Harris Golf not only backed out as a competing bidder for the Boothbay club, but sold Coulombe adjacent land at a discount price and helped prepare the course for its initial season under Coulombe’s ownership, the lawsuit alleges.

Five courses that put the green back in golf — Hundreds of golf facilities across the U.S. are designated as sanctuaries. They limit pesticides, enhance habitats and institute green initiatives such as solar-powered carts and geothermal clubhouses. Many reclaim water, use the natural environment and promote eco-friendly practices to players.

Home lookie-loos shouldn’t be policing golf tournaments — As we’ve said elsewhere on these pages, whoever took the call, or acknowledged the text, should never be allowed near a Rules Committee again.

Golf News for April 8, 2017

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MSGA Spring / Summer Tee Times Released With the first MSGA event of the year only a few weeks away, we’re happy to announce the tee times for the Spring and Summer Weekly and Mid-Week events. Click here to view the times.

2nd Assistant Golf Course Superintendent — Golf Club in Kennebunk is looking for a 2nd Assistant Golf Course Superintendent.

It’s Time For Golf—Yes, Golf—to Get Political — The social engineers are coming for golf!

Your best golf purchase in the last 5 years? — Equipment discussions on-going at GolfWRX.

9 Ways The USGA Has An Impact On Golf — USGA by the numbers. How do they love golf? Let us count the ways…

Anderson Finds Trust in Srixon Golf Balls — University golf coach puts Srixon in team’s bag. “I tried a lot of different golf balls and some felt ok but would get sticky after a while.” Anderson said. “I like how the XV you can play 18 one day with the same ball and feel confident taking that same ball out the next day for another 18.” We’re lucky if we get the same ball around an entire 18!

Rock’s Best Handicappers — Sometimes even some of the world’s greatest rockers need a break from their busy schedules of debauchery. Some invest their off time in fine wines, businesses, acting, or other arts, while others will happily try to take each other down in the calming sport of golf!