Golf News for April 10, 2017

When you don’t qualify for The Masters, you get the Natty Throne

Assistant Golf Professional — Sugarloaf Golf Club is seeking an Assistant Golf Professional.

Golf Scramble to Support LifeFlight of Maine — Maine is the second most rural state by population density in the United States. LifeFlight of Maine helicopters, flying at 165 miles per hour, bring lifesaving equipment and critical care nurses and paramedics to emergency scenes and small, rural hospitals throughout the state. Join the fundraising Golf Scramble June 26th at Martindale Country Club.

Embattled Harris Golf involved in a 2nd golf course-related dispute — Because of Coulombe’s promise, Harris Golf not only backed out as a competing bidder for the Boothbay club, but sold Coulombe adjacent land at a discount price and helped prepare the course for its initial season under Coulombe’s ownership, the lawsuit alleges.

Five courses that put the green back in golf — Hundreds of golf facilities across the U.S. are designated as sanctuaries. They limit pesticides, enhance habitats and institute green initiatives such as solar-powered carts and geothermal clubhouses. Many reclaim water, use the natural environment and promote eco-friendly practices to players.

Home lookie-loos shouldn’t be policing golf tournaments — As we’ve said elsewhere on these pages, whoever took the call, or acknowledged the text, should never be allowed near a Rules Committee again.

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