Golf News for March 28, 2017

Golf Archeology?

Golf tip of the week: Club fitting 101 — The fact is, very few golfers own a real set of custom clubs. Buying a set of golf clubs from a box store and referring to them as being custom fit is like baking a birthday cake from a box and saying you made it from scratch.

“Inc.” magazine: “Why Golf’s Future is Brighter than Media Portrays” — “When you talk to golfers, many will tell you that they “only wish they’d started playing earlier.” This is happening. In 2015, over 2M new golfers took up the game, many of whom were junior-age.”

Oregon superintendents use tee time donations to help fund research assistant position at Oregon State — Oregon superintendents donated tee times at 19 courses throughout the state in 2016, including a highly regarded stay-and-play package at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and rounds at Bend Golf and Country Club.

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