Golf News for March 25, 2017

“I guess the beaver got the short end of the stick.”

Titleist maker teed off over Costco’s cheap golf balls — As golf product makers scramble to avoid new hazards, Costco is not conceding anything. In fact, the dispute raises the question of whether publicity about Costco’s ball will only send more golfers on a long, straight drive to its warehouse stores.

Only serious golf nerds will score 10/10 on this impossible golf course quiz — We scored 7 of 10, plus the bonus round!

WATCH: LPGA launches clever new ad campaign to attract more girls to the game — Currently, fewer girls than boys play golf, but as the new LPGA’s new advertisement points out, girls are now the sport’s fastest growing segment. The biggest factor behind that growth is Girls Golf, which now has more than 400 program sites at golf courses across the U.S. and 60,000 participants between the ages 5-18.

Limited-edition shoe from Adidas Golf is pimento-cheese inspired — A shoe that even Charlie Chaplin could eat.

Trump National Golf Club offers $10,000 reward to find vandals — How many golf courses does Trump Own? We predict this sort of destructive behavior to continue throughout Trump’s four eight years in office.

Under Par: How Golf Courses Are Fighting for Survival — Rounds are down, water’s a wild variable. What can course owners do to cope?

5 Gadgets to Improve Your Golf Game — After spending the $1,500 or more for these five gadgets, we hit our first drive of the season into the pond to the left of the first fairway anyway.

Birmingham golf course beaver kill a dystopian Caddyshack — You thought life served you a raw deal? Think again. The beavers out at Roebuck got it the worst. Consider this life calculus: The beavers naturally create the environment for the watercress darter to live, and then get blamed for also destroying that environment, at which point the beavers have to die so the watercress darter can live. “I guess the beavers caught the short end of the sticks, so to speak,” Howell said. “It’s the beavers that have broken the law, and not man.”

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