Golf News for April 27, 2017

Please, Swami, Make me One with The Hole

Why is Spieth with Palmer? He lost to his caddie — “Edmondson made a wager with Spieth: If I beat you today, you have to partner with Ryan at the Zurich.”

National Golf Day showcases how the industry is taking an active role promoting legislation to help the game — Everything eventually becomes political… “Where once its purpose was primarily as an educational endeavor aimed at breaking down negative stereotypes about the sport, it is now used to provide an active voice in directing legislation to help the game.”

Book Review – Golf’s Iron Horse — “From 1910 to 1953, pencil salesman Ralph Kennedy put together one of the most astonishing records in the history of sports: playing 3,165 unique golf courses. Even more astonishing: he saved a card from every one of those courses, with a signature to attest that he had indeed completed the round.”

One-of-a-Kind Social Golf Experience Opening its Doors in Santa Ana — This sort of business might help to extend the golf season in Maine beyond its usual 3-months…

Penalties in golf start with the player, not the TV viewer — While golf is a solitary, unique game, we try to imagine what would happen if baseball allowed viewers to call in balls and strikes.

How A Set Of Golf Clubs Captured Some Of Call of Duty: WWII’s Best Sounds — How the game of golf made a lasting contribution to the gamer world… “…I went out to the third hole and played it all day long – it was right at the end of the runway. So when a bomber took off, I got amazing bomber flybys and recordings, I did that all day.”

Golf for Workgroups — Speaking of gamers, since the weather isn’t cooperating, here’s one in which up to four players navigate a biped around a height field texture mapped to look like a golf hole.

So a Hindu, a Muslim and a Jew are playing golf together in Dubai — “The simplicity of it makes everyone attempt it, but the subtlety of it makes almost everybody get frustrated with it…

And Now… Throwback Thursday

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