Golf News for April 28, 2017

Hickory and Perimmon
Hickory and Persimmon, Persimmon and Hickory

Returning to Hickory Golf Out of Love for the Game — Our friend Deal Hudson waxes rhapsodically about a purer form of golf. The more things change, the more we prefer the way they were… “Over the past five years, I’ve never looked back, my steel clubs rarely leave my trunk. I’ve rediscovered the game I learned to love as a teenager, embraced again the joy of playing the game rather than making my enjoyment depend on reaching a certain number.”

Congaree: A First Look At The Golf Club Built By Billionaires On A Model Of Philanthropy — “Golf and giving have always gone hand-in-hand. But at Congaree, a new golf club steeped in history in South Carolina’s low country, philanthropy is the ethos of an entirely new membership model.” Adding this course to our list of “must play” tracks…

10 common sense rules for amateurs — We would add our favorite, “The Faldo”, wherein an admiring fan kicks your errant drive back into the fairway before you arrive…

What Your Golf Game Reveals About Your Personality — “Any trait you see in a person repeatedly on the golf course is probably part of their personality and carries over into other aspects of their lives.”

Who Can Forget That Time Harpo Marx Played Sam Snead…

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