The Golf of Maine News for May 5, 2017

Midcoast Maine’s Premier Amateur Golf Championship Since every decent drive seems to plug in this wet season, I’ll plug  an event that will take place in better weather…

Husson women’s golf to join Empire 8 — “Husson University women’s golf program will be one of the eight women’s golf programs who will be joining the Empire 8 Conference as an affiliate member starting with the 2017-2018 season.

Thurlow’s view: My introduction to golf — “While I was still in high school and working at Cherry Hill Nursery, they had a landscape job at the Kennebunkport, Maine, golf course. … I got about 150 feet and down I went: 15,000 pounds of iron down for the count, sunk into the fairway and 100 miles from home.”

Why It’s Important to Work to Change Perceptions — In Town Meetings across the country, water and golf is on the agenda. In Maine, there is no shortage of water on the courses, with much more scheduled to fall in the coming days.

Rules of golf: Rakes in bunkers — It’s complicated… We enthusiastically disagree with the ‘feelings’ of the Rules of Golf on this, thinking that once in a bunker, one is already in a hazard, so a brush with a rake is incidental. Ultimately, it is a matter for the committee to decide where it wishes rakes to be placed.

Golf is hard. You gotta problem with that? — “Every spring, when we Northern golfers joyfully pick up sticks, we rediscover that this sport is hard. It is complex, unnatural, and often punitive. And that’s just the rules.”

Mowing Patterns: Aesthetic vs. Function — “Can you imagine watching a professional sporting event that’s played on grass and not seeing some type of mowing pattern visible?” We prefer patterns that lead directly toward the hole.

Friday Flashback, The 1925 Open Championship at Prestwick

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