The Golf of Maine News for May 7, 2017

Thank a Golf Course Superintendent if your course is appealing to the eye.

The European Tour is experimenting with a shot clock and pyrotechnics this week — We admit to being a wee bit old-fashioned, but, please, PGA, no, don’t do this here. We hope The Wall is built before this tries to invade the U.S. Tour.

How to play golf with a hangover — We love the stoic honesty of The Brits. “Now, the most obvious way to prevent a hangover is to not drink so much the night before. Clearly this is unrealistic.”

Rakes in or out – golf’s great debate — We are currently grappling with whether we prefer rakes to be placed at rest in or out of the bunkers. We’ve always believed that, already being a hazard, why not leave them in the bunker, as it is ALREADY a hazard. However, this brief video has changed our minds, and the voices in our head have begun the debate anew…

5 Tips to Reduce Your Spring Maintenance — The GCSSA has declared this week “Thank Your Super” week. We will feature more news for Superintendents in recognition of the tireless efforts of these hard-working members of our golfing community.

Golf Facilities: Focusing on What Matters Most — Limiting course accessories and expanding native areas allows maintenance staffs to spend more time on primary playing areas.

Rocky River golf course goes to the goats for mowing help — For “Thank Your Super” week, we’re linking to this innovative method of keeping your rough trimmed without having to leave the maintenance shed.

Why Golf is Poised for Growth, Finally — “The industry owes superintendents some recognition and gratitude for doing more with less. Golf’s demise could have been worse without the ingenuity of superintendents.”

Hickory golf finding a home at Country Club of Greenfield — Today is National Hickory Golf Day, so here a couple of stories about the resurgence of the old game.

Hickory Friends & Facilities Participating in National Hickory Golf Day — Nothing in Maine yet, but we’ll get cracking on it soon!

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