The Golf of Maine News for May 14, 2017

Mother and 7-time Major Champion Julie Inkster

Hole-in-One at Barren View — Nate Mugford recorded his first ever hole-in-one on Tuesday playing at Barren View Golf Club. He aced the 129-yard second hole using a pitching wedge.

Newry reduces golf course assessment — The Sunday River Country Club has had its land value decreased by $1.3 million by the town’s assessor, according to town officials.

Mother’s Day and golf are linked — “What does Mother’s Day have to do with golf? John Wanamaker helped Anna Jarvis organize in 1908 “the first official Mother’s Day celebration at a Methodist church in Grafton, West Va.” Recognize his name? Each year, the Wanamaker Trophy is awarded to the last major champion of the year.”

Five of Clubs golf game explained — We love this format. Which five clubs would you carry? Related: Golfer Shoots 65 With Just Two Clubs and a Putter!

Spirituality center tees up for golf retreat — Always able to appreciate the spiritual side of the game, we would eagerly attend more retreats if golf were involved.

How long must a hole-in-one be to count? — If you’re playing from a recognized teeing ground on a correctly measured hole with a definite yardage, it doesn’t matter if the hole is 430 or 65 yards. We haven’t had our first hole-in-one yet. Have you?

How many golf balls do tour pros carry? You might be surprised — With 29 balls in the water at the 17th Island Green on Friday, this is a timely question to ask.

How to watch a tour event, by the PGA champ’s wife — And the mother of their children!

Opinion: Singh on the Stadium Scent “The notion of new commissioner Jay Monahan presenting the Tour’s most prestigious trophy to a man the organization has been at legal war with for years is titillating.”

Confirmed: PGA Tour pros hate the USGA — “We interact with the USGA once a year at the U.S. Open, which from our view is usually a debacle. Five or six things that feel ridiculously unfair are guaranteed to happen to you that week, like losing a ball in the rough one yard off the fairway, or seeing your stopped ball suddenly roll 30 feet off a green. Unless you’re the guy holding the trophy at the end, you leave bitter.” The author’s name is a wee bit suspect…

The Lasting Legacy of Women’s Golf at Pebble Beach — This Mother’s Day, we celebrate the pioneering women’s golf played at Pebble Beach Golf Links — going back to when it was known as the Pebble Beach Course at Del Monte Golf and Country Club.

A collection of golf swings from women champions of the past. Mickey Wright, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Patty Berg, Kathy Whitworth, Nancy Lopez, Joanne Carner and more.

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