The Golf of Maine News for May 15, 2017

10 No-Brainer Tips for Playing Golf in the Rain — We include this link today in hope that by so-doing, the weather will finally break…

The ABC’s of Golf — This FREE book is written for the absolute beginning golfer, that person who knows nothing (or less) about the game of golf.

REMINDER: Plenty to see as Golf Channel to air more than 100 hours of NCAA Championship-related coverage — Golf Channel’s coverage begins on Thursday at 11 a.m. when they air the NCAA D-I Women’s Regional selection show that will name the 72 schools and 24 individuals competing in four locations. The NCAA D-I Men’s Regional selection show takes place the following Thursday.

Rules of Golf: Rakes in Bunkers — Read this brief analysis of the age-old question before participating in our current poll, located in the upper righthand corner of this page.

2017 PRODUCT FOCUS: Biologicals and Organics — Superintendents, looking for biological and organic products for use on your golf course? Look no further! Check out these 12 products.

Spring Dead Spot — It’s not the name of a horror film, unless you’re a Superintendent in the Northeast. A severe outbreak of spring dead spot can significantly impact playing conditions.

Why Golfers Overestimate Their Ability — As one commenter weighed in, we now hit the 9-iron where we used to hit a wedge.

Gimmes in golf – should they be allowed in any form of the game? — We let situational ethics preside. In general, make your partner sink the 2-footer for Par and they’ll thank you later… unless they miss!

How the ‘Mulligan’ got its name — We can argue the origin all day long. The real question is whether or not you allow the ‘Gilligan’ if the Mulligan fails.

A Hush Over Punishments on the PGA Tour Leads Only to Whispers — We didn’t realize the New York Times was so concerned about transparency in the golf industry.

Haven’t Had Enough of The TPC 17th?

Revisit Fred Couple’s 1999 Hole-in-Three

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