The Golf of Maine News for May 16, 2017

Get on the Links ya Dinks and then come laugh with Uncle Bobby!

The Bath Golf Club and Boothbay Harbor Country Club are proud to host the 2017 Midcoast Amateur Championship Golf Tournament. This 2-day, 36-hole individual stroke play championship features two of Maine’s premier 18-hole facilities. Bring your game to midcoast Maine on June 3rd and 4th to compete in this great annual event. Due to a limited field, This tournament will SELL OUT! don’t hesitate, sign up today! As a bonus, Maine comedian Bob Marley will perform at The Bath Golf Club on Friday, June 3rd, and this show will sell out!

Golf Instructors and Counselors for Maine Summer Camp, Belgrade — New England Golf and Tennis Camp, a top-rated children’s residential summer camp located in the beautiful Belgrade Lakes region of Maine, seeks talented persons with exceptional skills in golf instruction. Looking for pros, college level players and camp counselors.

5 Questions with Jennifer E. Poth, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Operation Support Military Golf (OSMG) — Often, overseas golf courses are our service members’ only safe and cost efficient means of outdoor recreation and relaxation from work stress and separation from their families. As of 2011, stateside military golf courses are provided zero government funding to operate and overseas courses receive minimal funding. They are required to be entirely self-sufficient. OSMG was founded to help fill this “non-essential” items void.

Rules Throwback: One Size Didn’t Always Fit All — “However, there was still one significant difference between the USGA and The R&A Rules coming out of the 1952 code: the size of the golf ball. Over the years, various sizes and weights of golf balls were used around the world.”

Why Golf Is The Best Form Of Exercise — Often, because it’s the only form of exercise for some.

The Benefits Of Eliminating Intermediate Rough — Intermediate cuts of rough may save the occasional stroke on a player’s card, but eliminating it can save time and resources, improve playing conditions and enhance overall aesthetics.

Five major takeaways from the TaylorMade sale — “The golf business has been looking for good news after 2016’s annis horribilis with Golfsmith’s and Sports Authority’s bankruptcies (and the loss of more than 500 places that sell golf equipment), declining overall sales and unimpressive rounds played and participation numbers. But that trend started to shift with positive news from the NGF, a newly invigorated retailer on the scene in Golftec and now the presence of Wall Street endorsing golf.”

Trump’s firm says it paid cash for Lake Norman golf club, denies Russia investor claim — We hope the FBI finds out who taught Mikhail Gorbachev to play golf.

TUESDAY’S TOOLBOX: Ben Hogan practicing his medium, long and short game for the Pan American Open in Mexico in May 1953. This year Mr. Hogan won this tournament, the Masters, the U.S. Open and the British Open. Notice how still he keeps his cigarette holder!

Golf News for April 26, 2017

Fly the Hostile Skies of United

Clubhouse Attendant at the South Portland Municipal Golf Course — Temporary for the Golf Season (14-20 hours/week). Part Time, Flexible and Various. Early mornings, days, evenings and weekends. $10/hr – includes 2017 course membership. Application Deadline – May 5th

PGA Junior League Golf registration opens —PGA Junior League Golf is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls ages 13 and under to learn and enjoy the game of golf.”

Immediate Rules Change Limits Video Review — “Yesterday, with what only can be called lightning speed, the USGA and R&A changed the Rules of Golf by enacting a decision intended to limit the use of video review and, the game’s governing bodies hope, stem the tide of rulings prompted by viewers calling in infractions.” We give a hearty golf clap! But we want stronger language that completely excludes ANY viewer participation on rulings.

Why Do Golf Courses Aerate So Much? —Aeration holes filled with sand topdressing will allow excess water from the soil to evaporate, promote root development and improve drainage.” And, we like to limit our putts to two when the greens are freshly punched!

New USGA and R&A Video Rules Missed the Elephant in the Room — “What’s completely missing from the new rules is the way that rules infractions are discovered, reported, and the timing in which these notifications happen.”

Golf News for April 20, 2017

Maine Ranks #1 in New England Golf

Class B Driver with mechanic abilites for in shop/on road repair — Goudreau and Sons Golf Carts, of Winthrop, is hiring. Come join a leading Maine family owned and operated company

What is America’s best golf state? — Maine is TOPS in New England, and #22 Nationwide. Let’s Bring Our Score Down!

Buyers of Harris Golf discount passes unhappy that they now exclude Sunday River — “The preservation passes were bought with the intent of playing at Sunday River – nowhere else.”

Gutty Challenge Match – Parks Vs. Morrises — Far more than pride was at stake this day. After the match all went to see Tommy’s Honour at a nearby movie establishment with the match losers paying.

The Baddest Nine Holes In Golf Has PXG Ties And A $1,000 Offer To Break Par — Welcome to “The Bad Little Nine.” It might be the most diabolically enjoyable par-3 course in golf, a visual smorgasbord of nine holes with an average distance of just 108 yards.

Mental Golf


Golf News for April 10, 2017

When you don’t qualify for The Masters, you get the Natty Throne

Assistant Golf Professional — Sugarloaf Golf Club is seeking an Assistant Golf Professional.

Golf Scramble to Support LifeFlight of Maine — Maine is the second most rural state by population density in the United States. LifeFlight of Maine helicopters, flying at 165 miles per hour, bring lifesaving equipment and critical care nurses and paramedics to emergency scenes and small, rural hospitals throughout the state. Join the fundraising Golf Scramble June 26th at Martindale Country Club.

Embattled Harris Golf involved in a 2nd golf course-related dispute — Because of Coulombe’s promise, Harris Golf not only backed out as a competing bidder for the Boothbay club, but sold Coulombe adjacent land at a discount price and helped prepare the course for its initial season under Coulombe’s ownership, the lawsuit alleges.

Five courses that put the green back in golf — Hundreds of golf facilities across the U.S. are designated as sanctuaries. They limit pesticides, enhance habitats and institute green initiatives such as solar-powered carts and geothermal clubhouses. Many reclaim water, use the natural environment and promote eco-friendly practices to players.

Home lookie-loos shouldn’t be policing golf tournaments — As we’ve said elsewhere on these pages, whoever took the call, or acknowledged the text, should never be allowed near a Rules Committee again.

Golf News for April 8, 2017

Courtesy Old Golf Images []
MSGA Spring / Summer Tee Times Released With the first MSGA event of the year only a few weeks away, we’re happy to announce the tee times for the Spring and Summer Weekly and Mid-Week events. Click here to view the times.

2nd Assistant Golf Course Superintendent — Golf Club in Kennebunk is looking for a 2nd Assistant Golf Course Superintendent.

It’s Time For Golf—Yes, Golf—to Get Political — The social engineers are coming for golf!

Your best golf purchase in the last 5 years? — Equipment discussions on-going at GolfWRX.

9 Ways The USGA Has An Impact On Golf — USGA by the numbers. How do they love golf? Let us count the ways…

Anderson Finds Trust in Srixon Golf Balls — University golf coach puts Srixon in team’s bag. “I tried a lot of different golf balls and some felt ok but would get sticky after a while.” Anderson said. “I like how the XV you can play 18 one day with the same ball and feel confident taking that same ball out the next day for another 18.” We’re lucky if we get the same ball around an entire 18!

Rock’s Best Handicappers — Sometimes even some of the world’s greatest rockers need a break from their busy schedules of debauchery. Some invest their off time in fine wines, businesses, acting, or other arts, while others will happily try to take each other down in the calming sport of golf!


Golf News for April 7, 2017

Follow the Money-colored Golf Balls!

Why does Bubba Watson use pink golf balls? — He uses green ones, too, so look for those on the weekend — or maybe even on Monday, after everyone’s left you can hunt for the green balls he couldn’t find.

As we all get out for our first rounds of the season, here is a refresher course on Etiquette Around the Greens:

Golf News for April 6, 2017

DSG 100e – A hi-tech premium ride built for both serious and casual golfers.
Field Staff – South Central Regional Representative — The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) is seeking a dedicated professional to serve as a conduit to the nine affiliated chapters within Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Snoop Dogg played golf in Augusta and it was marvelous — Wuh-woh, Snoop Dogg wants to Rap Up The Masters!

Trump Wins Privacy Rights Case in Scotland — An anti-Trump activist urinated on his golf course, then sued when staff cameras filmed her. It’s what we might call a wicked pissah!

How exactly is Bernhard Langer still so damn good? — Langer’s greatness lies in his organized, consistent but also intuitive approach to patient improvement. If you’re a golfer, it’s worth paying attention.